Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pictures Of Bikini Wax Shapes French Bikini Wax?

French bikini wax? - pictures of bikini wax shapes

What is a French wax Biki ... How is it, like .. I think to have one ... Please tell me what are the areas with wax, and it is a site I could not read or see a picture, thank you very much (I am not a pervert just want to know what's taking, because I want to get one. )


Tom w said...

where their Jersey to load as regular bikini, with the tip, but the wax around the mouth and ass like a Brazilian

tsoto_so... said...

French bikini and the bikini area once known. The French Bikini Wax leaves a narrow-gauge on the front (reverse-triangle design) with the French Bikini Wax all the hair now, between the labia minora, but not all the way to the buttocks.

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